Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This is a blog about the spiritual journey; our spiritual journey, yours and mine. It assumes a spiritual experience on the part of the reader. It also assumes the existence of a benevolent higher power. I’m not terribly interested in defining the nature of this higher power beyond an understanding that it wants profound good for each of us and makes grace constantly available. I’m way past the “trying to figure out” the nature of God phase. Who can figure out God? This is the ultimate mystery and way beyond the limits of my mind.

An image for this constantly available grace that I’ve been given is a fire hose, gushing forth with light and goodness. This hose is on, full blast, all the time and is ours to sip. We simply need to open up to it and let it fill us. A fire hose, when on, is blasting away and is powerful and can be overwhelming. Because we are limited, human, we sip from it, a little at a time, so as not to be overcome. A little goes a long way.

Dream teacher Robert Moss writes, ‘“We will change all things if we can make imagination sacred,” Yeats wrote in The Speckled Bird. Let’s choose now to harness the great fire hose of imagination to that, and make sure we have it pointing the right way.’

This great fire hose is for us, from a loving, divine source. It will fuel our sacred imagination, fill our longing hearts, and bring us a serenity we cannot imagine on our own. Sip with me, friends, and let us be filled and be at ease.


  1. An interesting metaphor. I consider myself a Christian, but I've come to the conclusion that I have little use for churches. So it will be fun to hear what you are thinking about spirituality.

  2. I stand behind the wagging hose, hanging on for dear life, whipped around by the force of its energy, and every once in a while I find the rhythm to lean over and sip; all the while the garden is being watered, nurtured - not by me, but by the great spring of life's water that will not be denied. Yeah, I'm with you on this one!

  3. Love your start! Trying to think of other extensions of the metaphor...putting out our fires with some direction and holding on tight... forceful water of life...rainbows coming off the water mist...mud puddles around the source...people that try to forcefully rescue you with the firetruck of belief....

  4. First I see kids playing in an opened fire hydrant in New York City on a hot day - dancing in grace. Then I see pictures from the Civil Rights movement where the fire hoses were used as weapons - God was not holding the fire hose. When I try to sip from the grace-filled hose, I have to back away from the nozzle so I'm not overpowered. As I drink, water trickles down my chin and my shirt. I edge closer. Sip, drip and smile - grace flows.

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    I have really enjoyed these poems and the lovely photos that come with them!
    Peace Janet,