Thursday, August 16, 2012

A simple tool to help with self-forgiveness

For some of us, getting to a place of self-forgiveness is a lot of hard work. This is a simple tool that I have used to help with the journey.

This is a written exercise so have a notepad or notebook handy, find a quiet place, and set aside some uninterrupted time. After getting settled, let whatever incident is bothering you come to mind. Let the emotions around it wash over you. Then start writing. Write down everything about the situation that is bothering you. Really pour it out. Let this be a stream-of-consciousness activity. Then bring your focus to your part in it. Write this all down, too. Ask yourself: Where was I responsible for the situation? How could I have made better choices on my own behalf? What are ways I didn’t take responsibility for myself?

Now carefully think about and write out ways you plan on taking better care of yourself in the future. What are ways you can do that? Can you begin to accept your own shortcomings so that you might live into forgiveness?

Then sit quietly and tell God that you release all of this into God’s loving care. Ask for help in the future and do your best to let it go for today.

I leave you with blessings for a joyous journey.

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